Emily Wilson Emily Wilson


Emily Wilson, Danny Dikel

Emily Wilson is a LA-based filmmaker with a long held, unyielding passion and curiosity for cinema.

As a writer-director, Emily’s films tend to be darkly comedic and outrageous in subject matter. In fact, her short comedy pilot (I Adore Dolores) won “Most Outrageous” at Orlando Film Festival and her subsequent film (Danny’s Girl) premiered within the Midnight Shorts Category at Sundance Film Festival.

Other writer-director accolades include laurels at SXSW, SeriesFest, The Gotham Labs, Vimeo Staff Pick, and “Top Films of 2020” as curated by No Budge.

As a professional video editor Emily has collaborated with high-profile media companies in both the scripted and documentary space for film, television, branded, and digital media. Such work has been seen on Viceland, A&E, Lifetime, National Geographic, Sport Illustrated - to name just a handful.

Within the festival space, Emily’s editing work has played TIFF, SXSW, Sundance, Fantastic Fest, Final Girls Berlin, IndieLisboa, and Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. As a seasoned post production professional, she’s also taken on roles as Head of Post Production, Story Editor, and Post-Producer.

Emily is currently living in Los Angeles as a freelance filmmaker.